Crocodile Research Coalition

The Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) was co-founded by Dr. Marisa Tellez, the Vice Regional Chair of Latin America for the IUCN/SSC- Crocodile Specialist Group. Dr. Tellez has worked with crocodilians since 2006 around the world, specializing in the parasitology of crocodiles. Her work brought her to Central America in 2008, and has since dedicated in pursuing and assisting other biologists and communities in crocodile research and education.

The CRC believes that community involvement is the cornerstone to conservation in the region, so they  educate local communities and empower other local organizations to do their part in sustaining this critical species and environment. They work with the local government and other organizations to monitor the crocodile populations throughout the country, to better inform policy decisions regarding the animals.

The conservation success of crocodiles is not only dependent on direct conservation efforts of the focal species, but also understanding how crocodiles interact with its environment and other wildlife as thriving and long-lasting conservation management is dependent on preserving the integrity of ecological interactions.  Thus, through research center in southern Belize, they facilitate research projects of crocodiles, as well as the surrounding flora and fauna.  


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