shawn anaconda4With very few conservation efforts in place and increasing threats, the Green Anaconda (Eunectus murinus) is fast on it’s way to becoming the next threatened species.  Many people living along the Amazon fear and misunderstand this magnificent species.  Fisherman kill them in their nets, families with small children worry for their safety and many people use them as a protein source.  Deforestation and habitat loss, like most other species in perile, are the real issues facing this spectacular animal and the other rainforest species.SHAWN ANACONDA2

Collective ConSERVation is currently working with biologists and projects both here in the United States, as well as, internationally to learn more about the biology and behavior of the Green Anaconda, so that programs for protecting and managing the species can be achieved.  Your donations will help us implement guidelines in the most critical regions of Colombia and Venezuela.

Join us in saving this truly wonderful and mysterious species!  DONATE NOW!


shawn anacondaOne of our own biologists and directors, Shawn Heflick, in the LLanos of Colombia with a magnificent female green anaconda.shawn anaconda3

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