Board of Directors

Kelly J. Silvano, Director

Ms. Silvano founded Collective ConSERVation and is extensively involved in all stages of the projects. Responsible for the business strategy, marketing, and relationship management, she also oversees the daily operations.  Previously Ms. Silvano co-owned an educational facility where she spent time educating people about rare and endangered animals.  Ms. Silvano was appointed to the IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group in 2014.


Shawn K. Heflick, Board Member

Shawn Heflick is the CEO and Founder of Crocodile Conservation International, Director of Crocodile Manor, and founder of Crocodile University and Venom University, which provide in-depth training for professionals in their fields.  He is also an IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group Member.
His passion for conservation and wildlife has led him to work with everything from songbirds to elephants, and many species in between.  Shawn’s conservation work, field background, exploration and unique character has allowed him to be featured in National Geographic, PBS, The Smithsonian Channel, the Discovery Channel, The Travel Chanel, Time Magazine, as well as, hosting three seasons of his own series, “The Python Hunters” on Nat Geo WILD.  A graduate of Wright State University with a BS in Biology, Mr. Heflick also received his Masters in Conservation Ecology/Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology, and has been involved in conservation initiatives around the world, and in the Amazon for over 20 yrs.

Jamie L. McMaster, Board Member

Jamie McMaster is currently the Director of Operations for a Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Her background and passion is the conservation of rare and endangered megafauna such as tapir, giraffe, rhinoceros and other hoofstock.  She has worked in AZA accredited zoological institutions for 12 years honing her skills in conservation education, training, enrichment and zoological management.  A graduate of The University of South Florida with a B.S. in Biology and a Minor in Psychology, Ms. McMaster also received her Master Degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida.


Matthew J. Evans, Board Member

Matthew Evans is the Assistant Curator at Smithsonian National Zoological Park. As an AZA member, his work extends to the National Zoo’s Reptile Discovery Center  where he is extensively involved in AZA species survival plans.  In addition to his work with the Smithsonian, Matt is a founding participant and committee member of (PARC) a multi-institutional conservation program in eastern Panama.  A graduate of Towson University with a BS in Biology, Mr. Evans is has produced several peer reviewed publications.  Matt can often be seen as a presenter for the National Geographic Society as well as guest lecturing at many events worldwide.


Michael H. Malden, Board Member

Michael Malden is a Zoological Supervisor at Busch Gardens Tampa where he oversees a staff of up to 30 Animal Care Specialists.  His knowledge of training, transport, and habitat enclosures has led to the successful integration of animals with multi-million dollar attractions. Michael’s extensive work with large carnivores and reptilians has fueled his passion for conservation globally and he continues to work with the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.  A graduate of Santa Fe Community College with a degree in Zoo Animal Technology, Mr. Malden is continuing his studies at the University of South Florida.  An AZA member, Michael can often be seen on “The Wildlife Docs”.

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